Fat, once collected, is sent to the cell cultivation chamber at the Biostar Stem Cell Technology Research Center

Biostar Stem Cell Technology Research Center has the largest stem cell cultivation facilities in the world, where the cells are stored and their quality is controlled in the most rigid manner.

Various Quality Control Tests Conducted before Injection

Characteristics tests are conducted to verify whether the proliferated stem cells match the source cells

Result of Toxicity Test using 13-week Rats

  • No apoptosis or complications
  • No weight change
  • No anomaly with blood or serum
  • No anomaly with urine or opthalmological test
  • No pathological phenomenon
  • No cancer formation
  • No gene anomaly
  • Renews SNPs 100%
  • Survival rate: Continuous / maintains the same condition for 72 hours [no_toc]


What is Stem Cell Treatment?

Stem cell treatment refers to a new type of treatment for currently incurable diseases, using cells with self-renewing ability and the most advanced bio engineering technologies. It is the future of medicine that overcomes the limit of existing surgeries or medications.

Features that Differentiate Adipose Stem Cells from Cells Derived from Other Tissues

  • Easily accessible to source tissues
  • Relatively large number of stem cells
  • Can cultivate large numbers of stem cells
  • Free from ethical controversy
  • Stem cells can be easily derived from aged persons (unlike bone marrow stem cells, which are rarely found in aged persons)
  • Many researches indicate that the substances emitted by adipose stem cells revitalize the surrounding cells, and inhibits cancer cells
  • Adipose stem cells provide vastly superior cancer inhibition effect compared with marrow-derived stem cells

Difficulty (adipose stem cells)

A special cannula is used to collect fat, to maximize the survival rate of stem cells in adipose tissues.

The type of cannula used in Biostar Stem Cell Technology Research Center shows three times the initial cell attachment rate as other cannula types. The Institute also has a technology capable of producing a sufficient number of cells with one fifth of adipose compared with other companies.

Biostar Stem Cell Technology Research Center proliferates stem cells by properly separating cells from the tissues, and using stem cell culture medium and stem cell attachment medium which selectively attaches mesenchymal stem cells to culture medium.


Stem cells are different from other types of cells in three respects.

They are undifferentiation, self-renewing ability and differentiating ability.

Differentiating ability, one of the most prominent characteristic of stem cells, can be verified outside of a human body.

Once appropriate body conditions for stem cells are formed at Biostar Stem Cell Technology Research Center, we can observe the cells transforming into muscle cells, nerve cells, bone cells, cartilage cells, fat cells, liver cells and vascular endothelial cells transforming.



All customer information is confirmed to be stored and managed under our rigid confidentiality policy.

All information is safely stored, and can be only accessed by the personal concerned.

Through HLA typing, the customers’ cells go through double verification so as to prevent confusion.

Area clearances are individually dedicated to secure our advanced research technologies.

Use and carriage of cell phones, cameras and storage devices in and out of the Institute is strictly regulated.


It is imperative to prepare stem cells to be used whenever they are needed without delay.

Therefore, we developed a technology to put stem cells to sleep and wake them up when they are needed.

  • Biostar Stem Cell Technology Research Center stores stem cells in frozen preservative developed with the knowhow of the Institute, and the nitrogen tank.
  • The Institute has a backup system that stores cells in separate places to prevent total loss in case of natural disasters. These cells are managed by the state-of-art remote management system
  • Our customers’ stem cells are delivered in special containers developed by Biostar Stem Cell Technology Research Center capable of maintaining 2~8℃ for up to five days using refrigerant
  • Stem cells are well preserved even after long-term storage, maintaining their characteristics as stem cells.


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