South Korea’s Autologous Fat Stem-cell Culture Technology Spearheads Japan’s Regenerative Medical Technology

  • In 2016, R-Japan, an affiliated with Nature Cell, conducted regenerative medical treatment more than 3,000 times and supplied cells which were worth 1 trillion won.
  • In 2017, R-Japan is expected to conduct regenerative medical treatment over 5,000 times and supply cells which will be worth more than 1.5 trillion won.

According to the Regenerative Medical Act of Japan, which has been enforced since November 25, 2015, R-Japan, an affiliated with Nature Cell, got permission of Type 2 Specific Cell Artifact (stem-cell) from Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, which is the only case among South Korean companies; R-Japan announced its business performance for 2016.

Last year, R-Japan cultured and supplied a total of 1,055.9 billion stem-cells for 5 affiliated hospitals including Nishihara Clinic; the company announced that they conducted regenerative medical treatment more than 3,500 times and achieved sales of 10.4 billion won as well as the ordinary profit of 1.6 billion won.

What is noteworthy is that the patients who received the regenerative medical treatment with stem-cells supplied by R-Japan did not have any side effects at all, which means that stability with the treatment is not an issue as long as hospitals care for their patients properly. This performance of the medical treatment for the past 1 year has been officially reported to Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Moreover, the medical treatment’s effects regarding degenerative arthritis, critical limb ischemia, autoimmune disease, and skin care, which are the categories that can get treatment, have been gradually acknowledged; While R-Japan reported its statistics for each disease, the number of medical treatments for degenerative arthritis exceeded 650, and the satisfaction regarding its therapeutic effect was very high.

However, there was an unfortunate case of misunderstanding. In March 2016, one patient in South Korea died after one week from the stem-cell administration. This caused some media outlets in South Korea to raise questions regarding stem-cell use. Later, it was revealed that the patient died of a cerebral hemorrhage; R-Japan won the civil suit related to the case, and it was also reported from the investigation of South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety that the death of the patient was not related to the stem-cell administration. Thus, the investigation of the case has been terminated.

R-Japan is promoting the expansion of affiliated medical institutions in 27 regions including Hokkaido, Kansai, Kyushu, etc., expecting the earnest activation of the stem-cell regenerative medical treatment in 2017. Moreover, the company is planning to expand the area of medical treatment to anti-aging and Alzheimer’s disease. The company announced that they expect to perform regenerative medical treatment more than 5,000 times and supply cells which will be worth more than 1.5 trillion won for this year, by attracting new patients from China, the US, the Middle East, Europe, as well as South Korea.

Based on the above estimates, it is expected that the culture supply for Japan’s Kyoto center will not be enough. So, from this March, some production processes will be allocated to Nature Cell and the affiliated company R Bio, which received permission for manufacturing from Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare; moreover, Japan Bio Star Stem-cell Research Institute (Director: Jeong-chan Ra) which will have the maximum production capacity in Japan will be established in the Kobe Advanced Medical Complex. The approval of moving into the complex has recently been granted.



R-JAPAN Co., Ltd. is the advanced biotechnology company specialized in manufacturing mesenchymal stem cells regenerative therapy with stemcell technology of Biostar Stemcell Research Institute in Korea. R-Japan’s proprietary technology is to isolate, multiply, and store adult mesenchymal stem cells with ensuring genetic integrity.

R-Japan currently cultures approximately 1,000 cases per month and has been evaluated by many medical institutions. As a result, R-Japan has been cultured 5,860 billion cells for 24,293 patients since stem cell processing facility was operated.

R-Japan Leads Japan’s Regenerative Medicine Technology with Korean Autologous Fat Stem Cell Culture Technology

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