About the Disease

Parry-Romberg disease is a rare disease in which soft tissues of the hemifacial slowly progress to Atrophy.
Some have found a characteristic change in eyes and hair. Includes seizures, including trigeminal neuralgia (severe pain such as forehead, eyes, balls, nose, mouth, jaw) and migraine.

About VascoStem

VascoStem is a compound word of stem cell which means vascularization and stem cell which means angiogenesis. It is a new drug candidate to achieve better therapeutic effects than conventional treatments by combining anti-facial atrophy caused by Parry Romberg disease with micro fat graft. This is due to the fact that the administered vasculestes directly or indirectly act on angiogenesis, which improves engraftment and survival of the transplanted fat.

Clinical Test Result

In 2008, under the approval of the Korean Food and Drug Administration (MFDS), we conducted a clinical trial on the efficacy of VascoStem treatment of Parry-Romberg disease at Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea. Of the 10 patients who underwent parity-Romberg disease, five were treated with a combination of micro fat graft and VascoSteam, and five patients underwent only microfabrication. As a result, the patients who were treated concurrently with micro fat graft and VascoStem were more satisfied with the treatment, and the symmetry of bilateral faces and the engraftment of transplanted fat were observed using 3D camera. The results of this trial were published in the international journal Annals of Plastic surgery.

Orphan Drug

VascoStem, which can further improve the effectiveness of existing treatments for Parry-Romberg disease, were nominated by the Korean Society of Korean Food and Drug Administration (MFDS) in February 2017 as a ophan drug for development.
In the future, VascoStem will be conducting phase II clinical trials for the designation of ophan drugs, and plans to apply for license approval after 2018.

Approved by Ministry of Health, labor and Welfare of Japan

In 2015, We received a licensed medical treatment for severe ischemia from Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare, and is now actively undergoing treatment at a local hospital in Japan.

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