About the Disease

Spinal cord is a part of the central nervous system located within the spine, where sensory and motor nerves are concentrated. Spinal cord injury refers to nerve damage caused by damaged spinal cord.

It is usually caused by trauma. Depending on the damaged area, the injury causes non-reversible limbs or lower limb paralysis and impairment. Advancements in medicine increased the number of spinal cord injury patients who recover from complications. However, other than conservative treatment such as physiotherapy, there is no treatment with distinct effect.

About AstroStem

AstroStem is an autologous adipose tissue derived stem cell injected through veins. Through the homing effect, one of the unique characteristics of stem cells, they move to the affected lesion to directly differentiate, or interact with the area causing the trophic effect or paracrine effect.

Clinical Test Result

In accordance with the clinical test plan approved by the Food and Drug Administration and Anyang Sam Hospital, spinal cord injury patients were injected with AstroStem in their veins, followed by follow-up observation for three months.

The test showed no severe abnormal reaction during the test period, confirming AstroStem to be safe for injection. Improvements could be verified in some effect test items.

This clinical test was Phase 1 clinical test that assessed safety. The Phase 2 test to be conducted will verify the effects of AstroStem against spinal cord injury.

The result of this clinical test was published through the August 2011 issue of Stem Cells and Development, a world-renowned journal, telling the world that adipose-derived stem cell is safe for vein injection.

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