Network for Clinical Research

InstitutionResearch StaffContents
Catholic University /
Seoul Saint-Maria Hospital
Prof. Sang-Hong Baek- Buerger's Disease
Prof. Ji-yeol Lee- Urinary Incontinence
Prof. Seok-Gu Jo- Osteoarthritic Knee
Seoul /
Boramae Hospital
Prof. Kang-Sup Yun- Degenerative Arthritis
- Head of Femur Avascular Necrosis
- Osteoarthritic Knee
Prof. Eui-Chul Jeong - Buerger's Disease
Anyang /
Seam Hospital
Prof. Sang-Han Kim- Spinal Cord Injury
Seoul /
Asan Hospital
Prof. Jong-Woo Choi - Romberg Disease
- Loss of Cranium
- A Cut
Seoul National UniversityProf. Yu-Hyeon Seo - Alzheimer's Disease
- Parkinson's Disease
- Autism
Prof. Hwa-Young Yun- Chronic Kidney Failure
- Oncotherapy Effect
Prof. Young-Soon Lee - Oncotherapy Effect
- Age Restrain
JoongAng UniversityProf. Seung-Up Kim - Lou Gehrig's Disease
ChoongBuk UniversityProf. Yun-Bae Kim- Aging Intelligence Improvement
- Cerebral Palsy
- Extending Health Life
- Alzheimer's Disease
InHa UniversityProf. Jae-Yeol Lim- Voice Disorders
- Salivary Gland Function Decline
Jeju UniversityProf. Kyoung-Kap Lee- Multiple Sclerosis
Kyung Hee UniversityProf. Myung-Chul Yoo- Cerebral Palsy
- Dementia
Bethesda UniversityProf. Myung-Chul Yoo- Cerebral Palsy
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