NATURE CELL Selects an Additional U.S. Clinical Center for Trials of ‘AstroStem,’ a Stem Cell Drug for Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Valden Medical Hospital in Hawaii is selected following  the other two hospitals in California, U.S.
  • Geographical proximity makes it easier to supply clinical drugs manufactured in South Korea

Biostar Stem Cell Research Institute , which is co-operated by NATURE CELL and R-bio,  published that a third clinical center for the phases 1  and 2 of ‘AstroStem’, a stem cell drug for Alzheimer’s disease that is currently undergoing clinical trials following the approval from the U.S. FDA, has been additionally selected.

In addition to two other locations in California (ATP Clinic and Syrentis Clinic), where patients are currently being recruited, Valden Medical Hospital in Hawaii has been chosen as the third clinical center.

In particular, Hawaii presents the advantage of being geographically closer to South Korea than to California. Therefore, the supply of clinical drugs manufactured by South Korea’s Biostar Stem Cell Research Institute is expected to become a lot easier.

‘AstroStem’ has shown through previous experimental trials involving animals that it is fundamentally different from conventional dementia drugs, which only managed to slow down the symptoms of dementia, in that it removes beta-amyloid which is a root cause of Alzheimer’s disease. If AstroStem is approved in the future, it is expected to revitalize the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease patients around the world.

“The phases 1 and 2 of clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease patients in the U.S. will be completed by the end of next year as a hospital in Hawaii was chosen in addition to the two existing hospitals in California.”  quoted as saying by Dr. Jeong-chan Ra, the Director of Research at Biostar Stem Cell Research Institute who is leading the clinical trials on Alzheimer’s disease in the U.S. Dr. Ra also added, “We will apply for a phase 3 conditional commercial clinical trial through the Korea Food  and Drug Administration in the  latter half of this year after confirming the safety and well-being of  three patients in the initial  clinical trial  in the U.S. all the way up to the third injection.”

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