K-Stem Cell, achieves patent registration of its “Method for Preventing Stem Cell Aggregation”

  • Ensures safety by preventing aggregation during stem cell injection

  • Enhances the effectiveness of cell treatment through intravascular injection.

K-Stem Cell, Co., Ltd, a bio company specializing in adult stem cell, announced that its “METHOD AND COMPOSITION FOR PREVENTING DISRUPTION AND AGGREGATION OF STEM CELLS” (Registration No.: 10-1467481) in 2013, was registered with the Korean Patent Office on November 25th 2014.

The academics and the medical society have been paying attention to the possibility of treating incurable diseases using mesenchymal stem cells.

Mesenchymal stem cells can be inserted into a human body through various ways: into veins, arteries or abdominal cavity. Intravenous injection, in particular, is useful because it offers safe and simple treatment without surgery. However, stem cells need to be injected in single cells to ensure that they safely reach the targeted area and show the intended effects. Stem cells are treated with enzymes to produce single cells for injection. The problem with stem cells made into single cells is that their cell membrane easily breaks, or they form aggregation during transportation or storage. Injection of aggregated or broken stem cells may attach to the endothelioid cells or platelets to decrease the blood flow speed or interfere with blood circulation. They may even clog branch vessels or blood vessels.

Therefore, there must be no broken or aggregated cell before injection. Even after injection, they need to stably reach the targeted area without breaking or aggregation of single cells: this way, the effect of the stem cells can be enhanced.

K-Stem Cell, Co., Ltd. floated adipose tissue derived stem cells on low concentration aspirin solution (0.0001 ~ 0.01 mg/ml). The experiment showed that the solution does not affect the survival rate of stem cells, and aggregation can be prevented for up to 72 hours.

Doctor Jeong-chan Ra of the Stem Cell Technology Research Institute, who developed this technology, said “this patented technology prevents cell aggregation that may occur during transportation and storage of stem cells until they are injected into the patient, thereby ensuring safe injection of superior stem cells into veins. This technology is expected to improve the effect of stem cell treatment by intravenous injection of stem cells.”

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