The rebirth and new beginning as R Bio

Our organization was born again as R Bio, based on the resolution reached at the General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 29, 2015, and for this, we would like to extend our gratitude to all the stakeholders.

We have realized a great deal in the past 2 years after losing our sense of identity. Together with our customers, shareholders and employees and with the grace of God, we have shattered the misguided belief that being delisted from the stock market equals “going under.”

We were able to persevere through the time of trials and tribulations thanks to our shareholders, who believed in our stem cell technology, and our subscribing customers. Through this ordeal, we gained the strength and solidarity to push forward with a flag of revival.

We promise to emerge as the world’s No. 1 stem cell company based on transparency and integrity.
We promise to contribute to the national interests of Korea and lead the treatment of rare and intractable diseases.
We promise to practice the spirit of humanitarianism and devotion to mankind and God.

Under our new name, R Bio, we will move forward until Korea becomes the global center of adult stem cell technology, just as it is world-renowned as the country where taekwondo originated.

Thank you very much.

July 1, 2015

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