Biostar Stem Cells for Intravascular Administration Patent will be registered in Europe.

  • Non-surgical intravascular administration is expected to improve stem cell therapeutic properties in treatments of incurable diseases.

On January 25th Biostar Stem Cell Research Institute, headed by Dr. Jeong Chan Ra, and jointly operated by Nature Cell and R Bio, has announced the registration of the Patent “Production Method of Stem Cells for Intravascular Administration” (Application number: 10-2012-0040488, 2012), with the European Patent Office.

The mesenchymal stem cells have the homing ability, i.e. the ability to locate injury sites. Many attempts have been made to use stem cells for treatment through the circulatory system. And, among them, the intravenous administration has been identified as simple and efficient for treatment of diseases.

However, it was necessary to culture the mesenchymal stem cells in small sizes so that the mesenchymal stem cells, injected into the blood vessels, could arrive at the targeted site safely and begin to show therapeutic effects.

The European Patent Office has granted the Patent to Biostar Stem Cell Research Institute and has recognized its prominent technology for culturing as many cells as necessary for treatment in sizes similar to those of the lymphocyte blood cells.

Dr. Jeong Chan Ra, the Director of Biostar Stem Cell Research Institute, emphasized, “Now it will be possible to use stem cells to cure incurable diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia using non-surgical intravascular administration method.”

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